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 It's Thanksgiving, and It's Time to Give Credit Where Credit is Due...

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PostSubject: It's Thanksgiving, and It's Time to Give Credit Where Credit is Due...   Thu Nov 26 2009, 17:35

Here's a count down of some of the things I'm most thankful for this holiday season. (why seven? idk I like the number 7, so sue me)

Quote :

7 Japanese Things I'm Thankful For.

7. Weirdness from Japan

Do I really need to say anything here? Anyone who's attended a Japanimation meeting knows what I'm talking about. Smile Thanks Japan, for being the number one source for the weirdest of the weird.

6. Video Games

Oh Japan, for years you've delighted us with your spectacular trips of fantasy. Pokemon, Zelda, Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, Mario, Street Fighter, you're responsible for some of the most famous games to ever hit the market. So much of my life I've spent sitting in front of a tv, controller in hand, instead of doing something useful, like say, my homework. At the forefront of technology, ingenuity, and innovation, I just want to say, thank you Japan. Keep the games a-comin', and I'll continue being a hopeless, shut-in gamer.

5. Amazing Videos and Pictures

AMVs, MADs montages, fanflashes, abridged series, and just absolute randomness: time after time Japan and fellow otaku have proven themselves to be source of these gems. And time after time they have kept me click click clicking away to find even more. So, thank you posters of amazing videos and pictures, I'll remember you next time I'm muffling my laughter to keep from waking up the rest of the neighborhood.

4. Cosplayers

I salute you Mr. anime cosplayer guy. Great men ask tough questions: "Why are we here?", "What is gravity?", "How do I fit into a sailor moon costume that is 4 sizes too small?" Well there's no need to worry, because you're gonna wear it anyway. I mean, why should you care about appearances when you're standing in line next to a guy dressed as a giant yellow pikachu.

No but seriously. (Good) Cosplayers have always amazed me. And I'm sure anyone who has seen a to-scale, fully armored, Styrofoam gundam cosplay would agree. Not many people realize the amount of time and dedication goes into an outfit that your only gonna wear of a couple of days. Take it from someone with the attention span of a squirrel; it's not easy to have that kind of patience. So take a bow, some duct-tape, and a much needed shower oh master of make-believe. I'll be sure to thank you at the next con after I finish tackling you to the ground and force you to take a picture with me.

3. Artwork

You've all seen them, those amazing artists walking through the halls, or maybe sitting next to you in science class. You've all stared in awe of their amazing talent, wishing that you could be bestowed with even a fraction of their remarkable ability. I know I have. Then I realize I've been staring at a binder cover for the past ten minutes, and have no idea what the teacher is talking about.

Ok, so maybe your not as easily distracted as me, but you have to be crazy or blind if you're not blown away by the quality of artwork coming from seemingly ordinary students. And a lot of that has to do with inspiration from the Japanese art style. I mean, seriously, more often than not, the amazing artwork you see coming from your classmates is done in a manga or asian-inspired style. I know so many amazing artists who got their start drawing simple sketches of anime characters. So thank you anime, you’ve created such wonderful artists and artwork for me to drool over.

2. Anime and Manga

As anyone reading this page likely knows, anime is a form of entertainment like no other. It's insanely visual and wholly unique, and can be everything from hilarious to heart-wrenching. Japan has elevated animation to such a high art form that the rest of the world tries their best to mimic it. A good anime truly is art packed into 22 minute sessions.

Whether it be television broadcasts or international movie releases, anime has become the gateway drug to the Japanese culture. Come for the lovely visuals, stay for the result of thousands of years of rich history and hard work. It's quite amazing, actually. I wonder if Japan as a whole truly realizes what they've created. People from all countries of the world are in love with their culture. Thanks for sharing, Japan.

1. Otaku

Out of everything I'm grateful for from Japan, the otaku top the list. Simply put, without them, we wouldn't have the fandom we do today. Awesome websites, hilarious videos, amazing AMVs, beautiful wallpapers, spectacular artwork, and epic cosplays: without otaku, anime and manga would've died off a long time ago. All of my hobbies benefit (and originate) from hard-working people that love their craft. They usually don't do it for the money, either. They just love this stuff as much, if not more, than we do.

Even more than the creative Japanese otaku, I'm grateful for the resulting worldwide otaku. Otaku like you. Ones that come to our club every week. Ones that keep me doing my job, doing what I love. We're an international brotherhood--a huge family. I see it everywhere we go. Thank you fellow otaku, for being just so freakin' awesome.

Now it's your turn! What otaku things are you thankful for, an anime series, a manga author, a video game? Tell us a little about it!

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PostSubject: Re: It's Thanksgiving, and It's Time to Give Credit Where Credit is Due...   Thu Nov 26 2009, 18:48

7 Japanese things that I am thankful for

7. Childhood

In my childhood it was all about DBZ, Pokemon, Gundam, and others. Anime has always been in my life.

6. Cosplay

It's always fun seeing anime fans or otakus dressing up. I like cosplay skits cause they're fun and it shows friends having fun too. It means that they share they're otakuness with you.

5. Manga

I love to read and watch anime. But one day somebody told me to read this book. When I read it it was horrible. It was twilight. I have never read a book so horrible that I almost lost my faith in reading. To recover my friend introduce me to manga. It was so awesome. Today I read more manga then books.

4. Video Games

Pokemon, Zelda, Mario, Final Fantasy, and others.
They're EPIC
Seriously aren't they?

3. Anime

WE live in the US and I don't like most American tv shows. Thank you reality tv!

But anime has always been there for me. Always have a great source of awesome series.

2. Japanimation and Having Fun

I always have fun with Japanese stuff. Anime, Manga, Video Games, and stuff we see in Japanimation. The club and Japanese stuff always makes me happy.

1. Life

All my life is all about anime, manga, and of course otakuness.
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It's Thanksgiving, and It's Time to Give Credit Where Credit is Due...
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