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PostSubject: The Escape   The Escape EmptyFri Feb 26 2010, 23:24

((Alright, I'm testing the waters here. This is an RP that doesn't require a huge amount of players to join, it's not based on anything and it's very simple. It's also not too demanding; anyone not posting for a short period of time could be assumed to be following.))
((Anyway, this is a surreal, psychological horror RP that contains both puzzles and action. Don't worry too much about staying alive: Except for some things (like being killed by other humans, watch out for that!) you'll respawn after dying, though you'll be kicked back a fair distance.))

Everyone wakes up standing on a slightly curved surface. They're in a perfectly round and white sphere, with only one thing marring it. Equidistant from the group are two poles of the sphere, that look like shattered holes punched through the surface and lead into a black abyss. It's so black it almost hurts to look at it. Yet there is a certain knowledge in these chasms, and it's certain that they lead somewhere.

From every eye the same words can be seen floating in the center of the area. They were written in a calming blue aura that floats and moves ever so slightly, but can still be read perfectly. The words seem to be facing each person individually, their location changing depending on who stares at them. They read:

"With progress comes Chaos.
Each change increases Entropy.

Take a step towards insanity,
But never be afraid to take a step back.
The impact you make will never vanish from the Earth.

Keep a safe spot locked deep within your soul."

No matter where anyone could walk, their feet remain planted on the ground with gravity's suction. Even above their heads a person could find the soles of their shoes on solid ground. What the newcomers to this place walk inside of is an inverted planet. The surface remains the ground, but a new point of view is taken on the matter.

Welcome to The Escape.

LEVEL 1: "Outskirts of Reality"

Current Room: Hub 1
Exits: North, South
Entropy: 0%

((Post profiles in the OOC topic and begin. I will be posting in the present tense, but you can post in the past tense if you want, or any writing style actually.))
The current room you're in is a Hub. You can't backtrack from Hubs, but they heal you and offer advice. Think of them like checkpoints. Dying will move you back to the Hub, but rooms you complete remain completed.
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The Escape
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