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Welcome to the new year Japanimators! Meetings have begun in room K-3 Thursdays at lunch! We hope to see you there!
NOTICE! Because it's the start of the new year, all member EXP will be reset to zero.
ATTENTION: Our weekly meetings have been moved to Thursdays in Room K3! (English Building)
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 Japanimation Club FAQ

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PostSubject: Japanimation Club FAQ   Sat Sep 14 2013, 12:13

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Japanimation?
Japanimation is an anime, manga, and video game club dedicated to keeping you up-to-date on all the latest tech and news with our weekly presentations, reviews, and recommendations. We also offer lessons in drawing and origami, as well as monthly anime screenings and after-school activities.

When and where are the weekly meetings?
Weekly meetings are Thursdays during lunch in Room V6.

Will there be meetings outside of school hours?
Yes! We will occasionally have "ASA"s (After-School Activities), which can range from a movie screening to a video game day. We will announce these ASAs during our weekly meetings and post reminders on the website.

What is the "information form"?
Click here for more details about our information form, the Japanimation Nation Information Documentation.

What are Points (EXP)?
Your Points (EXP) is a way of keeping track of how active you are in our club. We give out prizes to the people with the most points! You can see how many points you have by viewing your profile.

How do I earn Points (EXP)?
There are many ways of earning Points (EXP). The easiest way is to simply post in our forums! You can earn additional points by posting suggestions (see Suggestion Box forum). You can also post reviews/recommendations on anime/manga/video games for even more EXP (click here for more information regarding online reviews/recommendations). However, you will not earn points by posting in the General Non-Related Chat forum or the Forum Games forum. In addition, we also give out points for winning or competing in club contests, helping out at Club Rush, or presenting a review/recommendation during a weekly meeting.

How do I compete in a club contest?
All on-going club contests will be posted in our Club Contests forum. Simply post your entry in the corresponding thread! (Obviously, you cannot enter contests that have already ended.) They will be announced during our weekly meetings and we will post reminders on the website.

How do I present a review/recommendation during a weekly meeting?
Click here for all the information you need about presenting an official Japanimation review/recommendation.

What if I want to present something that's not a review or recommendation?
If you have something awesome that you want to show the club during a weekly meeting, talk to us after a meeting or send the President a message.

What is the BBAM?
BBAM stands for the Big Board of Anime and Manga (and Video Games). It is a list of anime, manga, and video games that the members in our club like. It's a useful way of seeing who likes what and helps us gear the club towards your interests.

How do I use the BBAM?
Go to the Usergroups tab in the Navigation Bar and read the instructions there.

How do I become a Japanimation club officer?
Elections for next year's executive officer positions (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer) are held near the end of the school year. If you've been an active member of Japanimation, it will increase your chances of winning the election!

How do I use this website?
Click here to see the Website FAQ. If you have any more questions regarding the website in general, post in the Website Bugs & Problems forum.

If this thread does not answer your question, post in the Club Questions & Concerns forum.
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Japanimation Club FAQ
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