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 What are you watching?: 2013-2014 Winter Anime

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PostSubject: What are you watching?: 2013-2014 Winter Anime    Sat Feb 22 2014, 08:59

A lil' thread discussing about what you're watching this season. Of course, we can also talk about animes from last season too.

What I'm still watching from last season:
-Log Horizon (this shiz is the total bomb. I urge everyone to go watch this)
- Tokyo Ravens (this show's got awesome opening/ending theme songs) (MAON KUROSAKI AND MAMI KAWADA~)
- Magi
- One Piece (on/off watching the series while catching up with the manga)[/list]

What I'm watching this season:
- Nobunaga the Fool
- Nobunagan (sci-fi with some elements of history lol)
- Hamatora
- Noragami[/list]

What I'm planning to pick up:
- Witchcraft Works (it's a fairly popular manga and even though there's fan service/harem I'm willing to it try out)
- Golden Time
- Wizard Barristers (animation is awesome; heroine is annoying = still gonna try and see)
- Ace of the Diamond (there's so many freaking yaoi fanfics about this anime even though the characters aren't even canon)
- Space Dandy (I head good reviews about this)[/list]
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PostSubject: Re: What are you watching?: 2013-2014 Winter Anime    Wed Feb 26 2014, 20:58

I have this problem called a "short attention-span" and a slight "obsession complex" which prevents me from watching more than one anime at once...

So I purposely avoid watching ongoing anime because then I'd be watching one anime for... months. But sometimes I just can't help it. (Goddamnit Noragami)
This has become increasingly harder since I started running this club, geez.

I was held against my will at a friend's house and then forced to watch Log Horizon. Which I'm thankful for because now I can be sure that I like the anime, but I'm going to have to rewatch the first four episodes because my brain was on "MUST-RESIST" mode while I was watching it...

Does every sports anime turn into fuel for yaoi fanfic writers?
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PostSubject: Re: What are you watching?: 2013-2014 Winter Anime    Wed Feb 26 2014, 21:21

The nice thing about this season's animes is most of them aren't going to be long epics like Naruto or One Piece. Hopefully you'll have time on breaks (whenever that actually happens for you juniors and seniors *coughs*) to finish up on them.

Kinda like Noragami (12 episodes airing this season). Though I'm really depressed that it's gonna run for 12 episodes because it could go so much further...

Kudos for you for watching Log Horizon! I've been getting people to watch it for awhile now, but everyone's very skeptical because it's background story is like SAO's backdrop. But it's much better than SAO in my opinion. Everything makes sense and there's no BS harem hiding anywhere. Plus, 25 episodes only and that's it. Another reason why you should pick it up once you're through with everything else XD

The only sports manga I can think of that doesn't apply to the yaoi FF writers is Crimson Hero, but that's shoujo. Out of the question XD
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PostSubject: Re: What are you watching?: 2013-2014 Winter Anime    

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What are you watching?: 2013-2014 Winter Anime
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