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 Order: Isolation (Info and Characters)

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PostSubject: Order: Isolation (Info and Characters)   Mon Apr 13 2015, 21:00

Here's a RP that I planned on doing but I haven't had time to type it up so.... Here it is!

Setting: The year is 2112 and a special strain of the bacteria Toxoplasma Gondii has spread and has taken the world by storm. Nations have crumbled and the governments in various countries have issued isolation between the countries to prevent the spread of the disease. However, survivors around the world have been fighting to survive against the zombie-like creatures that now inhabit the world. Our story takes place in the capital of the United States, Washington D.C., as a few select survivors fight for their lives and try to make it to the next day. How will you fare in this new and changed world?


  • As far as OC's go, anything is fine as long there's no OP 1 man V.S. 1000s of zombies scenario.

  • Even though it's a Zombie Apocalypse RP, try not to describe your zombie killing sprees in express detail.

  • Either the Admin (KuroKami) or the Moderator (ArcticPhoenixRequiem) will have to approve the OC's

Character Template:








- Mateo Rodriguez
- Kano Yamamoto

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PostSubject: Re: Order: Isolation (Info and Characters)   Sat Apr 18 2015, 08:35

Name: Mateo Rodriguez

Gender: Male

History: Raised in a migrant farmer family in California, Mateo grew up harvesting fields of strawberries and other miscellaneous fruits. Dirt poor, he couldn't ship himself to art college and expected to live the rest of his life like his father. However, on his last year as a senior, the PTSA Board recognized him for his artistic talents with realistic paintings and sketches. They had him apply for a scholarship at the local art college and with his high skill in art, it managed to elevate him into a more competitive art school in Washington D.C.. Now, he is aiming to apply his realistic art in making propaganda and other advertisement flyers in the bustling college town.

At the moment, he is living in a dorm with four other males, however, most of them are older and left him behind. His most recent roommate, a Chinese political science major, returned to China to visit family before the spread of the Toxoplasma Gondii, forgetting his mother's beloved wok in the dorm's kitchen.

Personality: An easily flustered twenty-one year old Latino who is timid and anxious all the time. He doesn't like taking responsibility for things, and gullible when it comes to money. Nevertheless, he has a good heart and is resourceful with anything involving his fingers and his imagination. At times, he comes off as a bit preachy and pious with his fervent faith in Catholicism, but remains loyal to God and his friends.  

Appearance: Mateo is a scrawny art student with weathered tan skin from working out in the strawberry fields during his childhood hood. Thick dark hair with ombre highlights is swept up in a contemporary haircut and is normally seen wearing vests, patterned pants, and a combination of eccentric outfits. His fingers are often stained by acrylic paint or oil pastels that give off a colorful appearance.

Weapon: a 23 year old cast-iron Wok (courtesy from his Chinese roommate)

Other: Grown on a farm, and forced to work at odd jobs to supply for the rest of his tuition, Mateo is known for his odd talents like fixing pipe leaks, parallel parking perfectly, and sewing with a needle.
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PostSubject: Re: Order: Isolation (Info and Characters)   Sat Apr 18 2015, 19:49

Name: Kano Yamamoto (First, Last)

Gender: Female

History: Born into an affluent family, Kano was raised by parents that had the highest expectations of her, telling her to always become better than everyone else. Parents being parents, they forced her to take things that they deemed important, such as martial arts and archery. After winning multiple medals, she found herself disgusted with the sport after she turned 18 and left her house and turned her back on the archery scene.

Now 20, she managed to rack up the funds to go to a nearby sports-centered college and attempt to obtain a major in who-knows-what. Months before the virus broke out, Kano's mother died of cancer and she decided to take up her bow once again to honor her mother's wish of her becoming the greatest.

Personality: A cool headed adult, Kano faces most situations with a calm and cool head. She is straight forward and won't hesitate to tell someone when they've messed up. A tomboy, she's willing to get down and dirty to do whatever it takes to survive.

Appearance: Kano is a lean, strong young woman that has fair skin and dark hair. Her shoulder length hair is usually pulled into a messy ponytail and she can usually be found in a dark gray sweatshirt and similarly colored jeans. Constantly wears chest wraps to prevent her breasts from being hit by the bow's string.

Weapon: A 70 lb draw weight compound bow that she got for her 17th birthday.
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PostSubject: Re: Order: Isolation (Info and Characters)   

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Order: Isolation (Info and Characters)
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