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 RWBY RP ( Rules, Teams, Oc Creation and more)

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PostSubject: RWBY RP ( Rules, Teams, Oc Creation and more)   Wed May 06 2015, 17:42

-No OP Characters Or god modding
-No lemons allowed......ever
-Either the Admin ( ArcticPhoenixRequiem) or the mod (KuroKami) could accept OCs
-Have Fun!
-Cussing is allowed, but keep it to a minimum
-Describe your OC in some detail
-No half Grimm characters
-No godlike characters allowed
OC Template:





Sexual Orientation:







Strengths(No more then 3):

Weaknesses:(No less then 3):



Semblance (optional):

Theme song (optional):



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PostSubject: Re: RWBY RP ( Rules, Teams, Oc Creation and more)   Fri May 08 2015, 20:44

Here's mine!

Name: Kain Zwavel

Nickname: Mutt, Doggie

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Race: Faunice - Wolf based

History: During the Faunus Rights Revolution, Kain’s mother had died to General Lagune’s forces during the night attack that they had staged. Rather than be consumed by his anger, he channeled it into swearing for equality between humans and faunus and now attends Beacon Academy as a means to get the power he requires to make his oath come true. He often spent time as a kid in the woods, observing nature and running around.

Personality: A slightly hot tempered male, his personality is similar to that of a wolf’s, aggressive and fierce,but will stand down if there is sufficient presence in an “Alpha Male.” He is slightly shifty and distrustful of humans, but he trusts his teammates with his life, as they have earned it. He has a rough way of speaking, but he means every word that he says, not mincing or sugarcoating anything. He will often face his opponents head on after aggressively stalking them and getting the first strike.

Appearance: Shaggy, mid length, gray hair that comes to his eyes. Has ears on the top of his head and has gun metal colored eyes. Also has pointy canine teeth. His build is lean and slim, yet strong. His aura’s color is is grey.

Clothes: During school, he wears the standard uniform, albeit with a loosened tie. When on missions, his clothes consist of a dark gray sleeveless hoodie, similarly colored cargo pants, leather fingerless gloves, and boots. Two silver lines run along the side of his left leg and his left sleeve

Weapon: Jaeger and Hund - Jaeger is a  trench knife with a 7 inch blade, Kain uses it in a reverse grip as his primary weapon for sneak attacks and close quarters combat. Similarly, Hund is a 9 inch bowie knife that he uses in his left hand, also in a reverse grip. Kain has considerable instinct for combat which allows him to utilize Jaeger and Hund with devastating effects. Both weapons do not change form and he keeps them sheathed on straps on his thighs.

Strengths:(No more then 3): Very fast, strong senses/instinct, great at scouting

Weaknesses:(No less then 3): Can be overpowered by strong smells, sometimes doesn’t work with team, high pitched noises can hurt him

Likes: Running, sleeping, and sneaking around

Dislikes: Loud cheerful people, vegetables

Theme Song Kakumei Dualism

Semblance (optional): Smoke generation - Kain can generate large smoke clouds that aid his combat and sneaking skills. The smoke has a dark gray to black coloration, but has no adverse health effects besides obscured vision.

Affiliation: Beacon Academy[/b][/b]

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PostSubject: Re: RWBY RP ( Rules, Teams, Oc Creation and more)   Sat May 09 2015, 22:49

Let me know if there's anything I need to change!

Name: Vanessa Askey

Nickname: Vans, Margaret Faraday (most often used alias)

Age: seventeen years old

Gender: female

Sexual Orientation: asexual

Race: human (non-fanus)

History: As an orphan, Vanessa was recruited into a notorious assassin and thief guild called “The Invisible Hand”. This organization ran on a syndicate level that was constantly on the look out for promising individuals and preparing children into becoming excellent swindlers, assassins, and thieves. Vanessa and her twenty-some “siblings” endured arduous training where death among the siblings was an ordinary circumstance. During her stay, the organization had begun a special mission that would require the entire organization’s efforts. Not much is known about the actual mission (as the fine details were only confined within the higher-ups), but only that the plan was spanning between a total of 2-3 years, starting with petty assassinations and fake negotiations. The first few steps of the plan was a success, and surprisingly, accomplished much quicker than expected. Foolishly blinded by greed and power, the family continued their pursuit with this unknown mission, and just when they were about to achieve the last few steps, the family suddenly vanished without a trace. To the newspapers, they were caught in a tragic bombing accident. To Vanessa, she was the only survivor, who had been assigned to complete a different segment of the huge plan.

Taking this chance to explore the outside world, she changed her entire appearance, identity, and demeanor to enroll into Beacon Academy. Optimistic, she hopes that no one will discover her past and become a “hero of justice” worthy enough to erase her sins. Her new name is "Vanessa Askey", the daughter of a retired Hunter living on the coasts of Vale.

Personality: A highly exuberant young girl who is known for her extreme optimism and slightly air-headed tendencies. She is also quite an evasive person, always wanting to know everything and be in everyone's business, but she means no harm. With her innocent facade, Vanessa hardly seems like a threat, but she is in fact, dishonest and a compulsive liar. Anything about her past is quickly and flawlessly answered, almost as if she doesn't trust anyone. In battle, Vanessa is the impulsive one who is quick on her toes to react and use her surroundings without a single thought.

Appearance: Having a short stature and a young face, Vanessa is often described as a "cute little girl in frills". She is a vibrant ginger with sharp pale pink eyes with her hair is normally pulled into a side ponytail. While in combat, her eyes tends darken into a murky red color. (She resembles Kisaragi Momo from Mekakucity Actors // Kagerou Project)

Clothes: Unlike most assassins, Vanessa likes to dress up in flashy outfits that compliment her loud personality. Bright pastel colors and loli-type of clothing is something she frequently wears along with any kind of lace accessory. With her new school attire, Vanessa tries to alter the uniform by sewing on lace and ribbons. The only thing that is consistent with all her outfits is a pair of short leather gloves that is always worn on her hands.

Weapon: Spriggan: A pair of black Kukuri machetes that are wielded with both hands and used mostly for slashing and slamming things into the ground. They are connected together by a wire-mechanism that can recall the blades if they are out of reaching distance or connect the pommels together and lock them. When connected, the Kukuri machetes become a large whirling blade that acts like a boomerang/chakram that can be thrown into the air and can be recalled by a honing technology powered by Dust. Though, the honing mechanism requires a lot of Dust crystals to properly activate, so Vanessa doesn't use it as much and tries to rely on using the wind and momentum to catch it.

Strengths: utilizing her brute strength, urban/city training, impersonating both genders

Weaknesses: repairing her weapons (especially with the Dust technology inside), dealing with glyph magic, teamwork coordination (used to solo missions)

Likes: keeping everything super clean, loli-fashion trends, anything remotely expensive, riddles

Dislikes: leaving behind fingerprints, mornings (nocturnal by habit), animals, constantly repairing Spriggan (normally has associates who repair it for her)

Semblance: Muscle Enhancement - While most assassins from the Invisible Hand focused on honing their stealth abilities, Vanessa is known for her brute strength and physical power. The muscle enhancement allows her to execute inhumanely attacks against buildings, Grimm, or even humans.

Theme song: The Enemy - Mumford and Sons

Affiliation: Beacon Academy, The Invisible Hand (formerly)
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PostSubject: Re: RWBY RP ( Rules, Teams, Oc Creation and more)   Sun May 10 2015, 17:10

Vanessa Askey: Accepted

Here's mine
Name: Violet Evans

Nickname: Viola


Gender: Female

Sexual orientation: Straight

Race: Human

Bio: Born to a poor family she was sold into slavery. Branded with Purple dust on her skin she was used for battle. Though she seemed to have a greater interest in something more elegant than a weapon, the violin. She taught herself to play intricate pieces, soon making some songs of her own. Her combat ability made her into a well known assassin. Her glory though was short lived, the compound were her and her employer resided, was attacked by a group of white fang . She applied to Beacon on a whim only to be accepted.

Personality: Sweet yet shy, she hides a storm of her emotions. She loves learning, and tend to stay away from people. Yet at some moments she could be moody and the stress she hides makes her break down. Since she was born poor, and in the slums where everyone could be backstabbed she has a distrust of people, but if her respect is gained she will show the brighter side of herself

Appearance: With stunning blond hair and Amethyst eyes, red lips, slender neck decorated with a crystal necklace, a white silk layered long sleeved concert dress with silver and purple accents, meant to hide her flowered and vine design of her purple dust tattoos that stretches from both her shoulders to her hands, which is covered with white gloves. She also wears white leggings and silver and white heeled boots.On her back is two rows of three metal plates that holds her weapon secondary from into place.

Strengths: She is very fast, she loves learning so she ends up having a high IQ, she is far sighted making it easy for her to spot things that are generally hard for others to see

Weakness: Her semblance is useless without her violin(her personal weapon), her weapons secondary form is dangerous and could be fatal to her, her shyness makes it difficult for her to work with others or even communicate with them, she is far sighted making it hard for her to deal with close combat

Weapon: Her silver Violin, that later could turn into mechanical wings that attached to her back through already existing implants in her body, she could only fly about ten feet from the ground and the is generally used as a nevermore a the feathers are sharp. Through if forcefully pulled out could seriously harm Violet and may be fatal to her.

Likes: Music, Art, Learning, books, instruments

Dislikes: Mean people, Sweets, Coffee

Semblance: Sonokinetic Construction- she could create dust runes, spells and Barriers from playing her violin, the longer the song the more powerful the rune or barrier is, but without her violin her semblance is useless.

Affiliation: Beacon

Theme Song: Electric Daisy Violin ( Lindsey Stirling)

Other: She doesn't use any other violin other than the one she uses for a weapon

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PostSubject: Re: RWBY RP ( Rules, Teams, Oc Creation and more)   

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RWBY RP ( Rules, Teams, Oc Creation and more)
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