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 Music Edits: "Hip hop and Anime"

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PostSubject: Music Edits: "Hip hop and Anime"   Music Edits: "Hip hop and Anime" EmptySat Oct 10 2015, 14:30

Music Edits: "'Hip hop' and 'Anime'"

Note: This has little to do with Vocaloid or authentic J-music. It's got to do with what you produce when you take hip hop in one palm and in the other, anime theme songs; and you smack your hands together and create a hybrid.

Let me start off with some assumptions. You've seen glimpses of those "hip hop" and anime remixes in the nether regions of YouTube before. That, or you've actually listened to the few in existence (either walked away confused and off put-- or like me, in giggles).

(Note: "hip hop-anime" refers to the mix of the individual things, not anime based off of or influenced by hip-hop culture. I won't be discussing Nujabes (R.I.P), who was arguably one of the greatest Japanese soul-hiphop DJs. For those of you not familiar with him, he was the main music producer and DJ for Samurai Champloo's soundtrack.

Youtube "DJs" such as nakinyko and GARticuno have been making anime mashups with the hip-hop and pop music for several years now. "Poolside Identity | Chuunibyou x Kendrick Lamar" and "Black and Yellow Sketch| Hidamari Sketch x Wiz Khalifa" are two top-viewed hiphop-anime mashups-- Both are by nankinyko, who is arguably the trailblazer for the hybrid music on YouTube.

You can find these remixes tracking back to 2011 (which, personally, feels like only yesterday).

I've tried to expose myself to most subgenres of music (though, I will never step fifteen feet of country's "punkabilly"/"gothabilly" - Google it. They exist!); and as a result, I've actually grown laughably fond of this remix offspring of hiphop and "moe-moe" anime sound.

Be aware of the mocking attitude of some of these DJs (cough, cough GARticuno) toward the subject of their videos (i.e. NBA's retired Barkley in "Slam of the Northstar Quad City DJs vs. Crystal Kings" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uints81YYMc)

Music Edits: "Hip hop and Anime" Barkle10

Yeah. Anyways--

Seriously or not, here's my top five. Most of which are nakinyko's works.


5. OCdragon's "Touch the Sky's the Limit - Sky's the Limit, P4TA's Opening VS. Touch the Sky, Kanye West"

I know exactly what you're thinking-- Yeezy and P4?! Give it a listen. Cringe. Maybe give it another listen. Then you'll see. It's bouncy, it's carefree, and it's Kanye West's flippant narrative of his determination.

Also, Kanye West appeared at E3 with a P4: Dancing All Night badge https://twitter.com/richatesa/status/611252156776120320. To top it off, he named Rise as the best Persona 4 girl.

(Please note: Kanye is Kanye. Kanye West's rap includes some minor explicit language though the glitzy instrumental of the Persona 4 opening overlaps his voice.)

4. nankinyko's "I'm on Beats"

nankinyko seamlessly mixes "I'm on One" by DJ Khaled ft. Drake, Rick Ross & Lil Wayne and (oh, my heart) "My Soul, Your Beats!" by Lia. The product rings nostalgic and true to the original theme song's mood. On the other hand - LOL!

3. "The Irony in Dancing"

"Dancing in the Streets" by Martha and the Vandellas and "Irony" by ClariS from Oreimo. I have a hard time trying to make fun of this. The original is not even hip hop. In fact, it's 60s Motown Rock and Roll. It feels genuinely created. I'm rather in love with how it feels like an 80s Japanese funk song.

For example: "Dress Down" by Kaoru Akimoto

Meanwhile, two decades before Kaoru Akimoto, Motown's Martha and the Vandellas found fame their dance music. Included in the Grammy Hall of Fame, "Dancing in the Street" is considered to be their greatest hit. They pioneered American culture's Motown sound back in the 60s.

2. "Ex-box"

Another of nakinyko's genuine edits. This was especially creative. Respect to hiphop artist Lauryn Hill, this remix uses one of her most popular songs, "Ex-Factor"-- consequently, I quickly fell in love with this one. The wonderful beat of "Ex-Factor" and the vocals of "COLORFUL BOX" work together well enough to create a dreamy, melancholic sound.

"Ex-box" is one of nakinyko's most recent edits, uploaded last Friday 10/2.

1. "Poolside Identity"

The instrumentals of Kendrick Lamar's "Swimming Pools" and the vocals of Chuunibyou's ending theme, "INSIDE IDENTITY" blend together to create this upbeat, bubbly "head-bobber". "Ex-box" would be number one but embarrassingly enough, "Poolside Identity" holds a few personal memories.

There you have it. My short but growing (good or bad?) list of music edits. Enjoy!

Now, I ask you guys.

What are some of your favorite anime music edits?  

Btw: This exists.

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Music Edits: "Hip hop and Anime"
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