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 Los Angeles Otaku Recommendations

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PostSubject: Los Angeles Otaku Recommendations   Tue Dec 08 2015, 20:34

In January, I'm going to LA for multiple reasons. One reason is because that month is when my Tita Rose's birthday is being celebrated. Another reason is to look for things to buy. Before I go to Los Angeles, I want to know what spots in LA are good for shopping. My current knowledge of Los Angeles and Asia are Chinatown, and Japantown. I'm sure that there are very good stores for buying lots of anime, manga, video games, and lots more merchandise; the thing is, I don't know where to look. It would be very helpful if you could write if there are any arcades or manga cafes, where they are, when they open and close, and how you would rate them out of five. Thanks for reading!
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PostSubject: Re: Los Angeles Otaku Recommendations   Sun Dec 13 2015, 18:34

Yo! From my experience, a lot of Japantown's stores are only a couple of blocks from each other. That said, there's a store called Anime Jungle which has a couple of stores in this mall-ish looking place. The address is 319 E 2nd St #103, Los Angeles, CA 90012. It's a pretty nice store with a lot of stuff and it's kinda split up into three stores (all in the same mall-ish building). One is merch, another is cosplay stuff, and the last one is figurines.

Besides that, there are a lot of stores that sell general Japanese merchandise and things like that. I remember that there's a Marukai and above it, there's a bookstore that sells a lot of Japanese books and things like that. Apart from that, I'd recommend just walking around and visiting all the stores!

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PostSubject: Re: Los Angeles Otaku Recommendations   Sat Dec 19 2015, 21:20

Current UCLA student here to offer you all I've experienced so far of the anime scene in LA! (Which is not a lot but hopefully this is of some help?)

Little Tokyo is the area near downtown that has the Anime Jungle store that Long Bao mentioned. There's another center in Little Tokyo that has a store called Kinokuniya Books, which is mostly focused on selling manga, light novels, artbooks, and magazines, though they have figurines, soundtracks, and other things too. Those are the two flagship stores that we always end up visiting.

Here are some maps courtesy of UCLA's Japanese Animation Club:

(Map of Little Tokyo with markers for places with good food)

I also recommend parking somewhere and just walking around to check out the shops. There's a lot of smaller shops in the Little Tokyo area that I can't remember the name of but might be worth your time to check out. And if you're lucky, the Pocky truck might be there handing out boxes of free Pocky to literally everyone (the best part).

Japantown is actually the name recently given to a street in West LA called Sawtelle Boulevard. (Also previously known as Little Osaka.)
It's lined with lots of Japanese restaurants if you're looking for good food to eat. (I frequent Sushi Stop because it's cheap lol)

Otherwise there's a couple of stores that have anime merch, though not as large as Little Tokyo. I believe one of them is called Tokyo Japanese Outlet, which I always end up wandering into whenever I'm at Sawtelle. There's also Giant Robot, which for some reason has two completely separate stores on different sides of Sawtelle...

There's one particular center on Sawtelle with a Daiso and a Nijiya market. There's also a karaoke place there that has a lot of anime songs on their set list (albeit nothing after 2009). (But the entire anime list is in Japanese so it helps to have someone who can read it, haha.)

Hope this helps!
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PostSubject: Re: Los Angeles Otaku Recommendations   

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Los Angeles Otaku Recommendations
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