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 Zero to Sixty RP (Characters/Info)

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Zero to Sixty RP (Characters/Info) Left_bar_bleue999/999Zero to Sixty RP (Characters/Info) Empty_bar_bleue  (999/999)

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PostSubject: Zero to Sixty RP (Characters/Info)   Zero to Sixty RP (Characters/Info) EmptySun May 31 2015, 10:57

TITLE: Zero to Sixty

BACKGROUND INFORMATION: Within the streets of Los Angeles, there’s a gang of street racers called the Wind Runners that roam the pavement doing as they please, stealing various items from stores or just burning rubber racing other people. Utilizing a auto-repair shop as a cover and a source of income, most people in the gang live a double life, doing their jobs during the day and disappearing to drive at night, but others devote their lives to cars, living their life a quarter mile at a time. The gang has various people, each specializing in their own niche, be it stealing, racing, or something else.  Larger breaks in the law have gotten the attention of the LAPD and they’re eager to close in on the racers. Catching wind of a large shipment of cash to a large bank nearby, the racers mobilize to steal it. Are you going to ride with us?

INSPIRATION: The Fast and the Furious 7, Need for Speed, and Initial D

CHARACTER INFORMATION: (Will be confirmed by WindScimitars or by myself)
Alias/Nickname: (Aliases are how the gang stays unnoticed, you’ll mostly be referred to by your alias. Your alias can also be your nickname and vice versa.)
Usual Appearance: (clothing, usual hair style, etc.)
Distinguishing Characteristics: (tattoos, scars, etc.)
Skills: (Cooking, painting, lockpicking etc.)
Specializes In: (Racing, stealing, fighting, etc.)
Equipment: (Cars,weapons, etc. NOTE: OC doesn’t need to have a car.)
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PostSubject: Re: Zero to Sixty RP (Characters/Info)   Zero to Sixty RP (Characters/Info) EmptySun May 31 2015, 11:08

Name: Jeremy Seon
Alias/Nickname: BB (official alias; stands for “Broker Boy”), Jermes (most used nickname), Chinglish (derogatory nickname)
Gender: male
Age: twenty-two years old

Hair: black bird’s nest type of hair that is usually slicked down with gel for work
Eyes: brown slightly slanted eyes
Build: lanky build with no bulk at all
Height: 5’5”
Usual Appearance: normally seen in a professional black suit with a tactful colored tie and a vest underneath. If he’s not wearing contacts, Jeremy wears thick-framed glasses. He refuses to associate himself with the gang so he sticks to his suit and tie.
Distinguishing Characteristics: his stubble that gives off a rugged look

Skills: mathematical computation, bookkeeping  
Specializes In: banking and financing
Equipment: has a Camry 2009 prior to the events of the RP, later acquires a Kahr CW9 for self-defense

Personality: pragmatic, timid, passive, “goody-two-shoes”, miserly, geeky, organized  
History: Jeremy grew up in America to middle-class Korean parents. Like most children in America, Jeremy led a mundane life of school, sports, and extracurriculars. He was “average” in everything else, so naturally, he did not stand out. The only thing he was good was in mathematics, but Jeremy never pursued anything after calculus. Instead, he double majored in financing and business at the local university after realizing he had a knack with money and handling his model sister’s bank account. During the summer of his sophomore year in college, Jeremy applied as a bank teller intern for World Investments, an international bank that rivaled Switzerland’s. Jeremy was exceptional at his job and rose up the ranks to assistant manager. He was beginning to enjoy his life working in a bank, when it was suddenly robbed by the notorious Wind Runners and he was kidnapped as a hostage.

Name: Karina Veldarts
Alias/Nickname: Firecracker (official alias), Karma or Wildchild (nicknames)
Gender: female
Age: twenty-five years old

Hair: a blonde bob with the bangs held up by multiple hairpins. During work, she ties up her bangs into a small ponytail with tiny elastic hair ties  
Eyes: double-lidded grey eyes
Build: robust female with broad shoulders and muscular legs
Height: 5’7”
Usual Appearance: normally seen in a dirty tank top and yoga pants stuffed in boots. A pair of goggles hangs around her neck and wears leather gloves during work. When she goes out, Karina puts on a thick leather jacket.
Distinguishing Characteristics: her abnormally big hands and long fingers, tattoo of her favorite band etched between her shoulder blades, Texan accent

Skills: dexterity, observant and keen, some skills in stealing  
Specializes In: demolitions and bomb creation
Equipment: a variety of her own bombs, smoke and flash grenades, etc. || hunting knife as secondary weapon || a Kawasaki Ninja 1000 with bullet-proof enhancements on the windshield and body

Personality: spontaneous, vengeful, bodacious, callous, reckless
History: Karina grew up in a middle class family in the suburbs of Texas. Her father was a retired U.S. marine and her mother was a chemist at a biotech company. Due to her father’s absence at home, Karina developed an unhealthy interest for daredevil activities such as: playing pranks on the neighbors, stealing small things, and calling 911 in false alarm. Her mother tried to veer her away from these tendencies by introducing her daughter to the world of chemistry, but Karina was only interested in the applications of chemistry, especially with highly volatile substances and explosives. When her father returned home, he had no knowledge of her devilish acts and taught her the basics in explosives, guns, and knives. He later claimed she needed “self-defense training”. Karina later attended university at UCLA on a scholarship, found the chemistry classes too boring, and dropped out to join the Wind Runners; though her parents are unaware of her dropout in college.
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Posts : 351

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Class: Boxer
Zero to Sixty RP (Characters/Info) Left_bar_bleue999/999Zero to Sixty RP (Characters/Info) Empty_bar_bleue  (999/999)

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PostSubject: Re: Zero to Sixty RP (Characters/Info)   Zero to Sixty RP (Characters/Info) EmptySun May 31 2015, 19:13

Name: Kevin Yung
Alias/Nickname: Wheels, Boss, “K-Pop Wannabe” (Since his hair is white.)
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Hair: Grey/White Hair
Eyes: Red
Build: Lean, slightly muscular
Height: 5’10”
Usual Appearance (Clothing, hairstyle etc.): Usually wears Jeans and a white button up shirt, but can sometimes be found wearing a sweatshirt. His hair is messy with bangs in the front that drape across his forehead. Tends to wear a red custom racing glove on his right hand.
Distinguishing Characteristics (tattoos, scars, etc.): He has large wing tattoos on his back, but besides that, there are no physical abnormalities.
Skills (Cooking, painting, lockpicking etc.): Drifting, fixing cars
Specializes In (Racing, stealing, fighting, etc.): Racing
Personality: A charismatic figure, he is the slick speaker of the group, usually finding some girl to woo at any given moment. Despite his flirtatious attitude, he is 100% confident in his driving abilities and is dead serious when it comes to driving. Likes to crack jokes, but they sometimes flop.
Equipment (Cars,weapons, etc.): Red Honda NSX Type-R with a turbocharged engine and various suspension upgrades. Doesn’t like to carry weapons on his person or in his car.
History: Ever since he was a child, Kevin has been interested in going fast. Speeding past pedestrians on skateboards and bikes, he decided that cars was the way to achieve the fastest speed possible. Finding a love in driving, he decided to start racing anywhere he could, be it stop lights or dragstrips. Wanting more thrills, he founded the Wind Riders, a group made of individuals of different walks of life that feel a need to be fast and dangerous. Kevin is technically the leader of the group, but he doesn’t take initiative most of the time, usually delegating responsibility to others.
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Zero to Sixty RP (Characters/Info) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Zero to Sixty RP (Characters/Info)   Zero to Sixty RP (Characters/Info) Empty

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Zero to Sixty RP (Characters/Info)
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